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Laser Inc Artworks

About Us.

The very first time we make our products was in mid Nov 2020. We started to produce customize products and make use of Instagram as our social media platform to advertise our products.

Even so, that experience didn’t let us down and it kept us making better products and growing our market from laser cutting & cnc cutting into another opportunities in specialist digital printing in various materials production. In 2022, we are available to provide another digital printing such as DTF printing and UV printing which are more specific for gifts and merchandise products.

About Company.

Laser inc Artworks is based on modern design and manufacturing firm. We bring our idea and creativity into products. Based on our founder’s background which are architectural design and graphic design, this company first started from a small business that produce custom made items by laser cutting. We provide materials and design’s difficulty based on client’s budget. Materials used including cost-effective plywood, color-rich acrylics, or supply your own suitable substrate or textiles.

Our Abilities.

We are specialist in Laser Cutting goods, especially on engraving and cutting with specific emphasis products on plywood and acrylic in 2020.

However we learn to develop our products not only in Laser cutting aspect, we are provide all digital design and CNC router cutting products fields without specific materials for now and will able to progress modernization in the future.

We provide best product design custom with designers which are expert in this fields and we are ready to give our best service and professional workers to our customers.



Creating uniqueness in each product and developing the identity of artistic into product


Asia’s leading provider of creative products


Provider of various design products made in Indonesia from various fields, media and sizes



Produce the products that will not only be suitable to customer’s sense of style, but also provide more value and identity to outcome products


Combining technology and creativity for each product to produce innovative products

Our Goals.


Strengthen product marketing worldwide by establishing the first branch office & workshop


We are able to compete by producing unique, best quality products made from Indonesia and sell it internationally in the global market


Create jobs and a comfortable working atmosphere for all designer and crafter workers to produce better products


We could create all design products from small into large scale. Products range as small as a key chain and as large as a room partition or building facade. From merchandise products and digital printing into interior and exterior building field

Service & Products.

Product Example.

Our Clients.